City and beach of Ibiza

Saint Jose

Santa Eulalia 

Santa Eulalia

The vacations in Saint Eulalia spend in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, characterized by the peace and by the calm of his/her environment.
Saint Eulalia Des Rio is situated to East of the island of Ibiza and its name it derives from the river that it flowed through Ibiza, but for years in its bed it is not more you is water.
The tourists that come to Saint Eulalia enjoy him their vacation trying the delicious and genuine restaurants on the harbor or in her “road of the restaurants”, drinking a drink to the cafe, walking along the I walk and giving a glance to the shops.
– Church of Puig de Missa, built in 1568 on the hill of the city.
– Museum etnologico (ethnic) of Khan Ros.
– The beach (wide 250m)
– I bring of Saint Eulalia

Es Cana
A place of proper vacation primarily to the tourists English, Es Cana has a wide sandy beach, offers diurnal activity for children, music live, evening diversion, restaurants of quality not very expensive, and pleasant cafes.
Es Cana is an ideal tourist place for the families.
SET BY TO VISIT: The market hippie, among the most famous things of Ibiza, that it is held here on Wednesdays.
A calm residential zone really close to Saint Eulalia. A brief walk will be enough (particularly suggestive if done at night) on the bridge and you immediately will be in the principal part of the village. There is also a zone you play for children. Siesta is provided of many a little expensive restaurants and cafe with a relaxing atmosphere. The situated villas in this place, have often a fantastic sight of the sea above the bay of Saint Eulalia.
Cala Longa
Cala Longa

A vivacious place of vacation that entertains a wide sandy beach. Cala Longa it is perfect for the families, with her activities for their children, the music live, the evening diversions, so many restaurants and the pleasant cafes.
The available setups to Cala Longa, are for the most greater part, apartments vacations and hotel; although punctuated on the hill, vacations are present also some villas.

St. Carlos
A small country to three kilometers to Saint Eulalia, with a beautiful church and some historical restaurants. The road that crosses St. Carlos taking, you will be conducted to some splendid beaches as Cala Llenya and Es Figueral. In this part of the island villas prices vacations can be rented more economy.
Cala San Vicent
Cala Longa

One of the widest beaches of Ibiza, with a marvelous clear water. A beautiful place of vacation that attracts tourists of a lot of different nationalities. Some of the villas vacations in Cala St. Vicente offer a fantastic sight of the coast North of Ibiza. This zone is particularly frequented by Italian tourists thanks to the presence of villages vacations.