City and of Ibiza

San Juan

San Juan
Your vacation in San juan can spend wonderfully immersed in the beauty of the surrounding nature.
Its unique atmosphere makes the vacation villas and accommodations located here different from others on the island. Located in the northwest, San Juan is the largest region of Ibiza, but the least populated, so much of the area retains its original rural splendor. The charm of the village itself lies in its uniqueness: a few stores, bars, cafes and a majestic church dating from the 18th century, all perfectly adapted to the original architecture of the place. The geology of the area consists of several hills leading to valleys, and the north coast is mostly apicco on the sea, in addition to occasional beautiful bays. The Ibiza villas in the area take advantage of this fantastic geology, each of them has a beautiful view of the valley and the Mediterranean, and is located in a private and quiet place.
Included in the San Juan region are:

A group of three beaches, all with beautiful sea with crystal clear color. The largest beach is ” S’Arenal Gros,” a wide sandy beach in the center of Portinatx; a short walk will take you to “S’Arenal petit,” a smaller, picturesque private beach with restaurants carved out of the side of the rock; the third beach is “Playa Porto,” a small cove surrounded by pine trees.
Portinatx is a self-sufficient town, all beaches are safe due to shallow water, and the resort offers children’s entertainment, a play center with bowling and pool tables, bars with live music, pubs, good restaurants, supermarkets and small stores.
We also recommend, for wonderful photos, the cliffs surrounding Portinatx.
Cala Xarraca
A beautiful cove with incredibly crystal clear water, perfect for scuba diving (you can see the seabed at whatever depth you are swimming) located near Portinatx, Cala Xarraca is one of the most spectacular beaches in Ibiza, attracting photographers, tourists and anyone who loves the sun, with its interesting rocks in the water and on the edge of the bay. There is a natural mud bath to the left of Cala Xarraca, which has healing properties and helps rejuvenate the skin. The view of the sea and the perfect surrounding areas make the villas in Cala Xarraca a perfect choice for your vacation.
San Miguel
A small town near the North Coast, San Miguel has been successful for creating prosperous and famous businesses without losing its class; such as a boutique that is also featured in “Vogue” magazine, and one of the best Italian restaurants in Ibiza. A large church towers over the town, and the streets offer cafes, bars, stores, and restaurants.. Follow the road for about five minutes and you will be led to “Puerto San Miguel” a large sandy beach, perfect for families and tourists who want a quiet vacation.
The beach offers activities such as water sports and diving; also located here is a famous restaurant serving seafood, as well as many stores, cafes, bars and restaurants. Take a day to also visit San Miguel Cave on the north side of the bay. Vacation rentals and hotels are the main option near San Miguel harbor, although luxury villas and typical local Fincas can occasionally be found in the area.
A wide beach located to the west of the island, popular with hippies and island musicians who often play chil-out music as the sun sets, a truly magical moment to experience in ibiza.
The beach has a few restaurants, bars, and stores selling souvenirs and clothes. If you rent a villa in Ibiza in Beniras, your vacation accommodation can be truly magical, especially when accompanied by the view of the sunset.
San Lorenzo
Located in the center of Ibiza halfway between Santa Eulalia and San Juan, this village is of ancient and original Arab composition. A large imposing church surrounded by watchtowers adorns the center of the village. San Lorenzo is a popular place for its famous restaurants, including a cheap but delicious Italian restaurant; a popular and elegant English restaurant/bar, an excellent alternative to the bars in Ibiza town; a picnic and barbecue area, desired by the local government, where you can bring your own food and drink and whatever you want; this area is provided with
barbecues, wood, tables and sheltered chairs.