Of Ibiza is often shown only the face heavily put make up on, noisy and feverish of the discos and of the local, thousand local that overflow of deafening music.
Nevertheless Ibiza is very more… the island offers calm beaches, ideal landscapes to walk and to go by bicycle, small countries that offer calm for a family tourism. Inlets where also in full August he is able it finds calm and peace.
A great “Melting Pot” where different cultures and styles of life often contaminate him giving magnificent experiences of life to the visitor!

Ibiza, Eivissa, Yebisah, Ebusus, Ibosim, 3000 years of history; patrimony of the humanity from 1999 for his Phoenician suburb of Sa Caleta, the fantastic oceanic posidonia and the preserved Renaissance fortification better in Europe.

With his 60 marvelous beaches of transparent waters and fantastic landscapes, the tall Mediterranean kitchen and the innumerable receptive structures Ibiza is confirmed a polyvalent tourist half.
Ibiza is still more scheming in the periods of low season: the months in spring when its fields of red earth oppose with the white almond tree in flower.

Ibiza is an isolates of peace and of light, a happy angle of the World!!
Today to Ibiza, earth of artists, harmoniously melts him the history and the state-of-the-art one.